Monica Ortega


Monica has 30 years of experience in the medical field that includes working in Critical Care, Trauma Surgical ICU, Flight Nurse, and began managing Primary Care in 2011.

Ortega Wellness (under its current name) was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to my parents for loving me unconditionally and being my biggest supporters.  Without God, my children, grandchildren, and significant other this would not be possible.  Living a healthy life is all about what you put into it, so make it count!


Andrea Chavez-Benavidez


Andrea has been a Family Nurse Practitioner with Ortega since 2018. Her focus is on disease prevention and holistic healing.

She believes when you find something that makes you feel better and it improves your health, it is difficult not to share that knowledge with others.


Steve Vaughan


Steve has been  at the fire department since 2001, providing pre-hospital medical care and mitigating emergencies, including fires, and currently holds rank of Lieutenant.

He began working as a nurse in 2012, working in a medical ICU for several years before moving to a trauma/surgical/burn ICU.  He earned his graduate degree in early 2018 and began work as a primary care provider at Ortega Wellness.

Additionally, he is passionate about medical missionary work, and has been for 10 years.  He has volunteered with teams to set up medical clinics around the globe and primarily in East Africa.

Melissa Sedillo


Isabel Martinez

Lead Medical Assistant

Rose Garcia

Medical Assistant

Aubriana Koester

Front Desk Associate

Amanda Ortega

Medical Billing

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